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K.Bakiev has entered a post of the president of Kirghizia

the President of Kirghizia Kurmanbek Bakiev re-elected for the second term, has entered a post. Inauguration ceremony has passed today in Bishkek.
as transfers RGRK the Voice of Russia K.Bakiev has recited the oath on the Constitution then symbols of the presidential power - shtandart and a breastplate with the engraved name, a surname and a term of appointment - to 2014 have been handed over it.
At ceremony there were deputies of national parliament, members of the government, known politicians and public figures, foreign diplomats. It has come to the end with twelve volleys from artillery pieces.
we will remind, according to official figures, on presidential elections of Kirghizia on July, 23rd 2009. K.Bakiev has received 76,12 % of votes. It with the big separation has outstripped the contender - the candidate from incorporated opposition of Almazbeka Atambaeva for which 8,4 % of voters have voted only. According to the country Central Electoral Committee, 2 million 328 thousand 69 persons that makes 79,13 % from total number of voters have taken part in elections.
however the opposition did not recognise results of voting, having declared that K.Bakieva`s victory has been provided by scale falsifications with use of an administrative resource.
this point of view observers of the Organization on safety and cooperation in Europe have partially supported (OSCEs) which have declared that elections in Kirghizia did not correspond to the international norms. Among infringements observers especially allocate use of an administrative resource.
the USA too have expressed concern in connection with infringements during carrying out of presidential election. The American embassy in Bishkek has declared that though during selective process the positive moments have been noted, the opinion of the USA coincides with preliminary conclusions of independent observers that elections do not meet the international requirements .