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M.Saakashvili: We will not begin new war for Abkhazia and Ossetia

Georgia is not going to begin new war for Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Georgian president Michael Saakashvili in interview Reuters has declared. As he said, Tbilisi has no plans on restoration of territorial integrity by a power way.
the question consists in, whether somebody wants in the world of new war with participation of Russia, and the answer is obvious - is not present - M.Saakashvili has told, having added that Georgia divides this position from the USA.
according to the Georgian president, Russia does not leave hope to discharge it of the power that causes alarm . almost supernatural history of a survival M.Saakashvili named the stay on a post of the president of Georgia after the August military conflict.
I on - former hold the post, despite oath promises (the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin) to hang up me for various parts of a body - has noted M.Saakashvili.
we will remind, the history connected ostensibly with oath promises V.Putin, has begun in November of last year. And in December during a program direct transmission Conversation with Vladimir Putin the question directly has been asked to the prime minister, whether truth that he promised to suspend the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili for one place.
V.Putin has answered why for one? also has added that in the world there was one more tragical event, in Iraq where the American armies have entered under a far-fetched pretext, ostensibly for search of weapons of mass destruction. the weapon have not found, and the head of the state have hung up, and for other reason - for punishment in several Shiit villages .