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M.Ahmadinezhad is going to meet face to face B.Obama

the President of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad has declared the determination to meet the American leader Barack Obama within the limits of session of General Assembly of the United Nations. On it informs the Iranian news agency IRNA.
M.Ahmadinezhad has informed that is ready to discuss face to face with B.Obama in the presence of journalists on themes of world problems. Also the president of Iran calls for negotiations with the United States top-level, based on mutual respect and justice .
we Will remind, diplomatic relations between the USA and Iran have been broken off in 1979. At the initiative of the American side. This year there was an Islamic revolution: in the country there was svergnuta a monarchy and the Islamic Republic Iran the higher authority in which belongs to clergy is created. In the beginning of November of that year active workers had been grasped the American embassy, diplomats have spent 444 days in hostages. Since then bilateral meetings and summit talks were never spent.
we will notice that US president Barack Obama on July, 2nd 2010. Has signed the bill providing new sanctions of Washington against Teheran. So, the American side has toughened embargo against Iran on traffic in arms and has expanded the list of the Iranian organisations falling under actions of sanctions.
Iran is forbidden to buy heavy arms, such as shock helicopters or rockets. The resolution urges to take measures against the Iranian banks abroad which are suspected of participation in nuclear or rocket programs of Teheran. Besides, in the black list three enterprises under control to national navigable lines of Islamic Republic (Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines), plus of 15 more companies belonging to the Case of guards of Islamic revolution are brought. The new resolution also calls for introduction of a mode of examination of the Iranian sea-crafts similar to volume which operates concerning Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.