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M.Ahmadinezhad the Iranian leader Mahmud Ahmadinezhad has invited B.Obama to teledebates in New York

has invited US president Barack Obama to teledebates to New York. In its opinion, this city is better approaches for a meeting of heads of the states on the air as in the end of August for participation in session of General Assembly of the United Nations there will arrive delegation of Iran.
as inform the British mass-media, M.Ahmadinezhad counts that teledebates will reveal the politician better prepared for the decision of world problems. The president of Iran already addressed to the White house with the similar offer in September 2009., however Washington has appeared is not ready to it.
M.Ahmadinezhad asserts that eks - US president George Bush - younger earlier repeatedly rejected of the offer of the Iranian leader as simply was afraid to discuss with it.
the Head of Islamic Republic even more often acts recently with the ambiguous statements connected, most likely, with introduction of new sanctions against Iran. According to M.Ahmadinezhada, the USA and Israel prepare offensive military operations on two countries of the Near East within the next 3 months to put upon Iran psychological pressure.
the Iranian leader also named the well-known octopus - foreteller Paulja whom and without that fans of Spanish national team on football, a symbol of decomposition and moral decline of the West wanted to eat. M.Ahmadinezhad has declared that those who trusts in predictions of Paulja, cannot be leaders of the great states.