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The candidate for presidents of the Russian Federation in 2012. Can become someone the third

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin yet have not solved, who from them will propose the nominee on a state post of the head on elections 2012.
As D.Medvedev at a meeting with journalists in Sochi has declared, the candidate for presidents can become and someone the third . On it informs radio the Beacon .
the Second president of the Russian Federation V.Putin was the head of the state since May, 7th 2000. On May, 7th 2008. After the introduction into a post of the president of Russia D.Medvedev on May, 7th 2008. V.Putin became the prime minister. According to the operating head of the state, it is important not to admit antagonisms between close forces at definition of the candidate in presidents on elections 2012.
Earlier D.Medvedev declared that it and the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation represents uniform political approaches and consultations of Century Putin before elections are simply necessary . The Russian leader considers that it has obvious stylistic distinctions from V.Putinym, despite uniform language of dialogue .
Speaking about the today`s relations from V.Putinym, the president has told that, on the one hand, they have not changed, and with another - have undergone cardinal changes.
we always were on you but when it became the president, I began to address to it on you as well as it, when I became the president, began to address to me on you - D.Medvedev has told, having explained that it speaks simple rules of etiquette.
in turn the head of the government has told that is proud of how could build mutual relations with the president. V.Putin has noticed that is amicable with D.Medvedev it is a lot of - many years .