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G.Giffords who has survived at attempt has voted against a default

the Member of the House of Representatives from Republican Party Gabriel Giffords on Tuesday for the first time after attempt has appeared in the House of Representatives to vote for increase in a ceiling of a state debt, broadcasting company CNN informs.
G.Giffords`s Occurrence has been met by an applause from outside both colleagues on Republican Party, and opponents from Democratic party. Chapter of democrats in chamber Nensi Pelosi named returning of the deputy from Arizona a courage example .
We are proud that we work together with it, and some of us are proud that we can be considered as its friends - has declared N.Pelosi.
G.Giffords has declared that has been simply obliged to visit session of the House of Representatives. I should come. My absence could lead to crash our economy - she has explained.
we Will remind, as a result the co-ordinated document which can help to avoid to the USA a default the next days, has been accepted by 269 voices. Against 161 deputy has voted only.
we will remind, attempt at the deputy has occurred in Tucson (State of Arizona) on January, 8th 2011. G.Giffords met voters near a supermarket. At the moment of attack at a meeting there were some hundreds persons, including colour of political and judicial elite of staff. Whether at this time Dzhared of Lofner has approached to the gathered and has opened on them fire. As a result six persons have been killed, 13 more have got wounds.
shooting has been detained on a scene of crime. It is recognised by court by deranged and at the moment passes compulsory treatment then, probably, the court will take place.