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Japan has accused China of militarization

the Ministry of Defence of Japan in the annual report has expressed concern fast strengthening of military power of the Peoples Republic of China at an insufficient transparency of geopolitical intentions of Beijing, its defensive possibilities and level of military expenses.
Japan, in particular, expects that China will continue to expand presence of the military - naval forces in Southern - the Chinese sea and Pacific ocean - in zones of territorial claims of Tokyo. in view of modernisation Chinese military - sea and military - air forces, it is possible to assert that the sphere of influence of China will extend for limits of the water areas nearest to it - it is told in the report of the Minister of Defence.
department predicts that China will try to make the sea activity regular in the waters surrounding Japanese islands, including East - the Chinese sea, Pacific ocean, and also Southern - the Chinese sea transfers Reuters.
the Military budget of China for last five years has increased almost by 70 % whereas state expenses of Japan in defensive sphere for the same period were reduced to 3 %, it is marked in the document.
the Minister of Defence of Japan also accuses Democratic People`s Republic of Korea of the illegal is rocket - nuclear workings out and specifies in provocative behaviour of this country on the Korean peninsula. North Korean nuclear tests pose serious threat of safety of our state, harm to the world and stability in Severo - East Asia - it is told in the ministry report.
in it also it is underlined that safety pledge in region there is a strategic alliance of Japan with the United States, developed after the Second World War.