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Elections with V.Matvienko`s participation recognised as lawful

Election committee of St.-Petersburg recognised as lawful elections in two municipal districts of a city in which the governor of Northern capital of Valentine Matvienko will take part. As Dmitry Krasnjansky has informed the vice-president of electoral committee, the information on elections has been published in newspapers of these municipal districts.
in respect of legality of appointment of elections no questions are present. The only thing that disturbed us, is an untimely notice of municipal electoral committee - has noticed D.Krasnjansky. It has explained that municipalities have notified in time the territorial commissions, but from - that their chairmen were in holidays, process of transfer of this information in election committee of Northern capital was tightened.
thus, the official has denied the information of representatives of opposition that the city authorities suppressed the fact of appointment of elections. In the Petersburg branch of party Apple earlier have declared that the first public message from a press - services of the government of Petersburg, V.Matvienko who has informed on promotion, has followed on July, 31st 2011. - in four days after end of promotion of candidates.
representatives of this political organisation named such approach mockery at sense of the selective legislation . In the Apple are assured that the reasons secret V.Matvienko`s promotions are panic fear the governor before any democratic procedures and desire to relieve it from any political competition on elections.
the deputy from LDPR in Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Elena Babich has noticed in turn that it not the first case when pass underground elections . According to the law municipal unions appoint elections, form election committees and inform on it municipal districts. The information, as a rule, extends in the municipal newspaper, and to prove that the newspaper have not extended, it is very difficult - she has told.
we will remind, V.Matvienko has informed that has made decision to stand in deputies in municipal councils of districts Petrovsky and small river Krasnenkaja. As she said, elections in them are appointed to August, 21st. Election as the deputy will allow V.Matvienko to become the speaker of the Federation Council.