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Japan is dissatisfied with D.Medvedev: from Moscow the ambassador

the Ambassador of Japan in Russia will be withdrawn by Masaharu Kono temporarily withdrawn from Moscow, head Japanese has declared Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sejdzi Maehara. Its words reports Kyodo.
the Response of the Japanese ambassador became the answer to visiting on October, 31st the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev Kuril - islands as which Japan considers as the territory. It is necessary to notice that D.Medvedev became the first Russian leader who has visited Southern Kuriles.
the day before a number of performances of the high-ranking officials of the Country of a rising sun has given a new push to an aggravation of mutual relations. The prime minister - the minister of Japan Naoto Caen has declared that D.Medvedev`s visit to Kuriles causes a regret and the head of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs S.Maehara has noticed that this act will wound feelings of the Japanese people .
to the Russian ambassador in Tokyo to Michael Belomu the note of protest, in turn has been transferred the Japanese ambassador in Moscow Have explained that the president of Russia is free to visit any regions of the country . Further it became known that Dmitry Medvedev and the prime minister - the minister of Japan Naoto Caen nevertheless intend will meet in a lobby of the regional summit which will pass on November, 13th and 14 in Tokyo.
in Moscow have paid attention that representatives of high rank of a Japanese management have publicly sounded a known position about an accessory of Kuriles, asserting that they belong to Japan - the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs A.Nesterenko earlier has told. As he said, it is necessary to remind once again that Kuriles are territory of the Russian Federation according to the international realities developed after the Second World War and fixed in the charter of the United Nations.