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S.Berluskoni threatens resignation from - for turns sex - scandals

the Prime minister - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi suspect of abusing office powers to suit the own ends in connection with recent sex - scandal. S.Berluskoni has faced growing negative media exposure on the person, and its political supporters urge the prime minister to resign. About it sobshchaet Bi - bi - si.
the incident, occurred in the spring of this year became the Occasion to investigation concerning the prime minister. Then the police of Milan has detained 17 - the summer emigrant from Morocco, known under a name Cut, illegally being in territory of Italy. The girl have arrested on suspicion in theft of three thousand euro.
however Cut have released after personal intervention of the most Italian prime minister which has called the commissioner of Milan police of Vinchentso Indolfi and has asked to release the arrested person. According to S.Berluskoni, the girl had the grand daughter to the president of Egypt. As it was found out later, this information has appeared false.
the commissioner has complied with the request of the politician, however the Office of Public Prosecutor has become interested in this case - clearing Cut passed with infringement of the Italian laws. Besides, after arrest the girl has declared to policemen that is well familiar with S.Berluskoni and often visited sex - the parties which were passing in its private residence. However Cut denied that it consisted in intimate communication with the politician: as she said, he simply cared of the girl and has presented to the emigrant of 7 thousand euro.
we will notice that S.Berluskoni admitted that took part in clearing Cut from police. However the prime minister has declared that has made it by kindness sincere . I always help the people who have got to a trouble - he has told. However its words it has appeared insufficiently for the Italian Office of Public Prosecutor which has already begun check on the given fact and has interrogated the commissioner V.Indolfi.
Influential Catholic magazine La Famiglia Cristiana in the article has declared that predilection of the Italian politician for young women is a sign of illness and that the prime minister cannot supervise itself in this plan. And one of political supporters S.Berluskoni, the speaker of Italian parliament Dzhanfranko Fini considers that a train sex - the scandals connected with a name of the prime minister, exposes all Italy in bad light . According to D.Fini, S.Berluskoni it is necessary to retire, if investigation confirms the fact of abusing of the prime minister with the powers.