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On congressional elections of the USA a victory designate to republicans

To the USA today, on November, 2nd, will pass elections in the American congress. Against forthcoming elections the international agency on studying of a condition of market Ipsos has spent sociological poll.
According to sotsoprosu, the majority of citizens of the USA consider that on elections republicans will win, and democrats are waited by defeat. 53 % of respondents are assured of such outcome of elections in parliament. Meanwhile in favour of democrats 47 % interrogated have expressed.
in connection with the data of poll experts have drawn a conclusion that on elections in the lower chamber of the American Legislative Assembly the Republican Party will win, having received 231 place. In turn 204 places remain with democrats.
it is necessary to notice that against lifting of trust of the population to republicans the US president democrat Barack Obama sharply loses popularity. So, 52 % are assured that B.Obama will not be re-elected for the second term. Policy of head of the White house do not approve 51 % of the population of the USA, its rating of popularity was established on a mark of 45 %.
Among the interrogated 45 % are assured that the new congress will achieve considerable results in working out and acceptance of important bills, and 47 % - that Legislative Assembly achievements will be rather modest.