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The Communist Party of the Russian Federation will give one million under V.Volodina`s claim copecks

Group of deputies of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation led by Valery Rashkinym has gone today to list cheap coins a part of the sum from the million claim into the account were vitse - to the speaker of the State Duma, and nowadays vitse - to the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodinu.
In the heat of plenary session group of deputies - communists, having dressed clothes with party symbolics, proshestvovala in a direction to branch of one of the Russian banks which have settled down in a building of the lower chamber.
in one hand members of parliament held identical tablets with inscriptions With poor on copeck - to the millionaire one million and Honour for copeck - the claim on one million and in another - plastic buckets from - under the mayonnaise, filled with small coins.
as has explained V.Rashkin, the collected sum will be transferred into account Century Volodinu which has won earlier against the communist the claim about honour and dignity protection in court of Lenin area of Saratov. carrying out a judgement, I should pay V.Volodinu of 1 million rbl. - the deputy has explained. He also has informed that in the beginning of June has received the court order and last months has been occupied by that organised fund raising on payments under the claim exclusively small coins which collected on all country and bags brought to the Duma fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation .
Today we will list V.Volodinu of 60 kg of a trifle, and every month we will bring still that it has fast lagged behind the poor people - has declared V.Rashkin. He also has confirmed that the bank has agreed to accept the sum of exclusively small coins. in bank have already ordered the machine - the deputy has told, having added that sum recalculation will occupy from employees of branch of bank about 4 hours. Thus the member of parliament counts that in bank - the addressee of Century Volodinu will give out the listed sum in the same copecks .
If to admit that deputies of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have collected 60 kg of a trifle coins advantage in 1 copeck the sum which communists have listed V.Volodinu, will make only 400 roubles. The coin weight in 1 copeck from a steel plated by cupronickel, makes 1,5