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The secretary of ministry of Japan: We search for the most effective decisions of the conflict

Japan has explained, has for what purpose withdrawn the ambassador after visiting of Southern Kuriles by the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedevy. On it inform Japanese mass-media.
according to the main secretary of the cabinet of Japan Joshito Sengoku, the Japanese ambassador in Moscow Masaharu Kono will arrive home for gathering of last information about visiting of Kuriles by D.Medvedev.
Besides, Joshito Sengoku has noticed that the prime minister - the minister of Japan Naoto Caen intends to meet the president of the Russian Federation at the regional summit in Tokyo which will pass 13 - on November, 14th. we try to define, what actions (for the conflict decision) will be the most effective - the secretary of ministry of Japan has concluded.
we will remind, head of Sejdzi Maehara has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan a time response of the ambassador from Moscow. On date of returning of the diplomat to Russia it was not informed. On such step of Tokyo has gone after visiting by the president of the Russian Federation of Kuriles - islands as which Japan considers as the territory. D.Medvedev`s visit have condemned both Naoto Caen, and Sejdzi Maehara.