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K.Kosachev: In relations of Russia and Japan scandal " develops;

the Head of committee of the State Duma of the international affairs Konstantin Kosachev does not see the reasons for a collapse in Russian - Japanese relations in the future in connection with the next aggravation of claims of Japan concerning a territorial accessory of Kuriles. It has made such statement today during a briefing in the State Duma.
I would not began to dramatize a situation as Russian - Japanese relations worried launches and falling. And for last decades in them the substantial moments, including in economic sphere which limit hot Japanese politicians " have collected many; - considers K.Kosachev.
at the same time he has confirmed that in mutual relations of the countries develops obvious scandal which is initiated by the Japanese party. All our previous signals which were sent to this country, about interest in good-neighbourhood, have not reached a present Japanese management and have been apprehended wrongly, as weakness display - the head of committee has noticed.
he is convinced that such position is incorrect by definition and cannot form a basis for the future Russian - Japanese dialogue. In particular, speaking about a question of an accessory of Kuriles, K.Kosachev has underlined that this question does not carry a problematic nature. Islands is an integral part of the Russian territory they were a part of the USSR by results of the Second World War, which, in turn, admit all serious partners of the Russian Federation .
Thus the deputy considers that any discussion on this theme is possible, but only under condition of good will of the Russian side. now to us impose this discussion in the categorical form - has noted To. Kosachev, having added that it is deadlock which blocks the further discussion of this point in question.
we will remind that the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on November, 1st 2010. Has visited with a working trip on Southern Kuriles. Till now bosses of Russia never visited these islands. In connection with D.Medvedev`s visit the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Sejdzi Maehara the day before declared intention to cause the Russian ambassador Michael Belogo to make the protest concerning visiting of southern islands of the Kuril ridge by the president of the Russian Federation as which Japan considers as the territory.
Besides, the prime minister - the minister of Japan Naoto Caen declared that visiting of southern islands of the Kuril ridge by D.Medvedev causes a regret at Tokyo. After the power of Japan have declared that temporarily withdraw the ambassador from Russia against the aggravation of mutual relations caused by visiting by the president of the Russian Federation by D.Medvedev of Southern Kuriles.