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To heads of republics will forbid to be called as presidents

the State Duma has approved in the first reading the bill of an interdiction to heads of regions to be called as presidents. Respective alterations are brought in item 18 of the federal law About the general principles of the organisation legislative (representative) and executive powers of the government of subjects of the Russian Federation .
At the same time, according to the bill, subjects of the Russian Federation will keep the right independently to define the name of a post of the head of region. As one of authors of the document, the head of committee of the State Duma of affairs of Federation and the regional policy Victor Usachyov, instead of " has explained; presidents they can be called, for example, heads heads chairmen of the government and etc.
the Project also provides a transition period for in 5 years, during which present regional presidents Should refuse the former name.
as V.Usachyov earlier has informed, in case of bill acceptance to new requirements there should correspond heads of 12 subjects of the Russian Federation. basically it is a question of heads of republics - the head of committee has specified.
we will notice that other two bills providing introduction of a similar interdiction and brought in the State Duma by parliaments of the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia, could not secure by consideration in the lower chamber with necessary support among members of parliament. As V.Usachyov, despite conceptual similarity of all three projects earlier has explained, the bill of the Chechen parliament contains some legal collisions, and in amendments of the Ingush parliament the transition period during which subjects of the Russian Federation should bring the legislation into accord with offered requirements " is not provided;.