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The parliament of Kosovo has sent the government in resignation

Parliament of Kosovo has sent in resignation the government led by Hashimom Tachi. To the Cabinet the vote of no confidence has been taken out, transfers Associated Press.
the decision was accepted voices of the majority of deputies - 66 members of parliament have voted for the government resignation, only one has voted against and two have refrained. In total 120 deputies sit at edge parliament.
the matter of confidence to the government has arisen right after disintegration of ruling coalition which consisted of two parties - Democratic league of Kosovo led by Fatmirom Sezhdiu and the Democratic party of Kosovo headed already by former prime minister H. Tachi.
F.Sezhdiu is the former president of edge. He has resigned in September of this year As a result of this decision early election in parliament should take place in February 2011. Now it will occur much earlier. According to the Constitution of the self-proclaimed republic, after resignation of the government parliamentary elections in edge territory automatically should take place in time from 30 till 45 days. Date of carrying out of voting will define and. An island of the president of Kosovo Jakup Krasnichi.