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Israel accelerates building in disputable territories with Palestin

the Authorities of Israel have decided to be accelerated with habitation building in East Jerusalem - in disputable territories with Palestinians. Erection of additional 2 thousand houses for Israelis declared the prime minister - the minister of Israel Binjamin Netanjahu, transfers Reuters.
the Decision on building acceleration was accepted at special cabinet council of ministers where granting of Palestinian autonomy of a full membership in UNESCO was discussed.
Besides, according to the decision accepted at session, Israel after the USA priostanovlivaet deduction of payments in UNESCO.
Palestinian autonomy (PAS) has received the status of the full member of UNESCO on October, 31st of this year During voting an autonomy have supported 107 states, including the Russian Federation, China and France. Against inclusion 14 countries, in particular the USA, Canada and Germany have voted, 52 participants have refrained from voting.
Israel and the USA have acted sharply against the PAS has received membership in UNESCO. After the USA have declared that intend to stop organisation financing: 60 million dollars which America should list in November, will not arrive now into the account of UNESCO from - for decisions across Palestin. Earlier the representative of the White house of Dzhej Karni named acceptance of Palestin in UNESCO premature . According to the politician, it will extremely negatively affect process of settlement of the Near-Eastern conflict.