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G.Gudkov: To me suggested to return to the State Duma on - silent

Eks - the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Gennady Gudkov has declared on November, 1st that is not going to come back to work in parliament without a justificatory verdict from the Supreme or Constitutional court. The politician has mentioned about the offers which have arrived to it to hush up history with deprivation of the mandate and to start realisation of the powers on - silent .
Under G.Gudkova`s statement to return it the status of the member of parliament offered at Central Electoral Committee level. Ostensibly for this purpose it is enough, that the relief of the former deputy of O.Tarnavsky has agreed to hand over recently received mandate.
G.Gudkov is assured that has been unseated in the State Duma illegally. they (state power) selected the mandate in not legal image, here let and get out. Let think out how to leave this situation. Procedures into this account while are not present. To walk smack they have walked smack, and lawful procedure for deviation at them is not present - he has noted.
simultaneously the oppositionist has declared that intends to remain the party member Fair Russia . By words eks - the deputy, its conflict to the leader of association Nikolay Levichevym has exclusively internal character.
meanwhile on October, 31st it became known that the State Office of Public Prosecutor has no claims to G.Gudkova`s activity. During the check spent by department it was found out that neither tax crimes, nor illegal enterprise activity for eserom it is not noticed.
now eks - the deputy accuse of infringement of the law on the status of the people`s choice on which the member of parliament has no right to be engaged in business. According to the same statutory act powers and its colleagues - United Russia party member Alexey Knyshova have been stopped.