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Capital UFSB the general who has got under " will head; a skating rink Kondopoga

the New chief of the department of FSB across Moscow and area can become 52 - the summer general - major Alexey Dorofeyev close to eks - to the director of department Nikolay Patrushev.
six years ago the representative Petersburg a clan of security officers has received wide popularity after the ethnic conflict in the Karelian Kondopoga: then A.Dorofeyev and other agents of national security have discharged of work, writes daily .
Two weeks ago mass-media have informed on fast resignation of operating head UFSB of Victor Zaharova. Last holds a post of the chief of the department of 12 years. Two years ago it has reached age limit of stay in a post, however the authorities have made decision to prolong the contract with the official. One more occasion to resignation was the marriage of the daughter of V.Zaharova which has married the foreign citizen and has moved on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE in C.
the Probable successor of Century Zaharova informed circles in special service named A.Dorofeyev. It is expected that the decree about appointment will be signed by president Vladimir Putin any day.
A.Dorofeyev was born in Petersburg in 1960. Studied at the Leningrad mechanical institute then has arrived in KGB Higher school. Long time worked in UFSB across Petersburg and Leningrad region. To 2006. Headed UFSB across Kareliya, however has been discharged of work after the scandalous Anticaucasian pogroms which have occurred in Kondopoga.
at the moment A.Dorofeyev heads in FSB management on counterprospecting maintenance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, FSKN and Ministry of Justice. After its appointment to the post of head UFSB across Moscow and area service management on counterprospecting maintenance Vladimir Maksimenko can head the deputy chief of department.