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Experts: the President of Turkey have poisoned with strong poison

Turkish mass-media have published results of the researches led during exhumation of a body of the former president of Turkey Turguta Ozala. In samples of the fabrics taken from remains Turkish eks - the leader, a considerable quantity of strong poison strychnine - keratina was revealed. Thus, T.Ozala could poison, podsypav poison in meal or drinks which it used.
as informs on Friday, on November, 2nd, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, in the near future the forensic scientists responsible for performance of exhumation, will spend a press - conference on which results of the done researches will be officially presented.
now the data received after opening by T.Ozala, is directed to department is judicial - medical examination. Then, after the statement, they will be transferred in Office of Public Prosecutor.
we will remind, T.Ozal has died on April, 17th 1993., being the working president of Turkey. According to the official data, he has died as a result of a heart attack, however relatives of the victim declared time and again that his death reasons are studied not up to the end.
so, the widow of the president demanded to spend additional opening, however its request has been executed only this year: on September, 29th the authorities of Turkey have agreed to exhumation of remains of the former president of the country.
into history of Turkey of T.Ozal has entered as the person promoting rapprochement of a Turkish way of life with the western. On the post the president possessed only limited power. In the country the prime minister - the minister uses much bigger influence. Besides, Turkish executive power, especially at the time of T.Ozala, has been limited by pressure from army.