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D.Medvedev: I Doubt that Pussy Riot the Prime minister concerns music

- the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev considers that participants of group Pussy Riot need to be released. they and so have already sat, these maidens, - and will suffice - the head of the government at a meeting with winners of the international scientific Olympic Games has declared.
at the same time the prime minister admitted that the punk - active workers cause in it negative emotions. so negative what to speak about them it is unpleasant. But in their prison to put did not become, being the judge - he admitted.
at the same time D.Medvedev has added that this point in question is in the court competence. it is a question, know, all - taki, probably, not to me, and to our judicial structures and them (participants Pussy Riot. - Primech.) To defenders. They have a right to address with corresponding statements - and I think, they will use it, and the court has a right to consider this matter of substance and to make all decisions - he has noted.
D.Medvedev also has expressed doubts that Pussy Riot concerns music. anyway, so to say, they did not sing anything such that that would get to the annals not that stories, but also the Internet - the prime minister has noted.
meanwhile president Vladimir Putin has declared earlier that considers a sentence the punk - to active workers correct. the first my reaction was such that has asked believers for them pardons, I thought that on it will end - V.Putin in the beginning of October has declared. He has added that did not expect court and a prison sentence for Pussy Riot, and has underlined that it does not concern criminal prosecution of girls. they wanted it, they have received it - V.Putin has told.
we Will remind, Maria Alekhin, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samutsevich on August, 17th 2012. Have been sentenced by Hamovnichesky court of Moscow to two years of imprisonment. After consideration of the appeal by Moscow City Court on October, 10th the decision on E.Samutsevich`s clearing which before session has replaced the lawyer of this year was accepted.
the court recognised its role in the punk - molebne insignificant also has replaced real term with the conditional. We will notice that on October, 15th of this year the court has forbidden two other participants of group to serve time punishments in a pre-trial detention centre.
group Pussy Riot has received wide popularity after the punk - molebna on February, 21st 2012. And the litigation which has followed it. Girls have made the way in a temple of the Christ of the Savior where have sung a song containing insults to patriarch Cyril and the president of the Russian Federation of V.Putin.