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To the president threaten a variant Rutsky

announcement of a verdict of the Supreme court of Marias - El concerning participation in presidential elections of republic of working president Vyacheslav Kislitsyn Today is expected. Elections will pass in Sunday, on December, 3rd.
the court will consider the complaint of the candidate in Vladimir Ruzljaev`s presidents. In the complaint it is said that the operating head of republic has incorrectly specified in the declaration on incomes and property of data on the property, having hidden 6 objects of real estate.
Besides, the claimant asserts that the area of the house belonging to Kislitsyn under the property right, makes actually not 221 sq. metres as by it it has been written down in data on property, and almost 339 sq. metres.
we will remind, the similar situation has developed in October on elections of the governor of Kursk area. During election campaign, a day before voting operating governor Alexander Rutsky has been discharged of participation in elections.
Contenders have convicted Rutsky of use of an administrative resource and falsification at representation in electoral committee of the declaration on incomes and property (it was a question of understating of the area of apartment). To achieve cancellation of the decision of regional court in the Supreme court Rutsky it was not possible. As a result the communist - nationalist Alexander Mihajlov became the new governor.
In a near time it becomes clear, under what scenario events will develop in Marias - El.