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Yasser Arafat has entered state of emergency, but Israel is accused of its acts of terrorism

by Head of the Palestinian national autonomy Yasser Arafat has spent today a cabinet emergency meeting. As informs AR referring to its adviser Abu Rdeneba, Arafat is ready to accept a difficult decision and to take urgent measures . According to the adviser, J.Arafat has condemned acts of terrorism, and also will soon make in this connection an important statement . We will remind that as a result of acts of terrorism in Haifa, Jerusalem and in Gaza Strip 30 persons were lost nearby, more than 200 have got wounds.
and soon this important statement has been made. The leader of Palestinians Yasser Arafat declared introduction of state of emergency in Gaza Strip and on the West Bank of Jordan in connection with acts of terrorism in Jerusalem and Haifa. As informs Deutsche Welle, among other measures the interdiction for carrying of the weapon for all Palestinians except for policemen is accepted.
Nevertheless, the main legation councillor Israeli the prime minister - minister Ariel Sharon - Avi Pazner has declared today what exactly Yasser Arafat bears direct responsibility for the acts of terrorism made in Israel. Pazner also has warned the head of the Palestinian national administration, having declared that Israel intends thoroughly to smooth out a terrorism nest in the territories which are under control of Palestinians .
According to Paznera, Arafat bears direct responsibility for situation deterioration, it also is responsible for 14 months of concentration of hatred, 14 months of violence and terrorism encouragement . Arafat wanted to create similar atmosphere, and we will take into consideration this fact when reaction of Israel " will follow; - he has underlined.
to stop violence in territory of Israel, according to Paznera, it is necessary only to destroy the terrorist organisations That can make either itself PNA, or Israel . Nevertheless, the main legation councillor Israeli the prime minister - the minister recognised that J.Arafat can meet difficulties with blow drawing on terrorists.