Rus News Journal

Russia and China intend to struggle together with terrorism

the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Tszjan Zemin today in Beijing have signed the joint declaration on strategic partnership. In the document it is noticed that the parties will co-operate both within the limits of mutual relations, and at corresponding international forums for the purpose of development and acceptance of effectual measures in the field of control over arms and disarmament, non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction, informs the channel Russia .
Besides, the parties intend and to develop further close interaction in search of decisions of problems of rocket distribution. Russia and China will undertake additional efforts on advancement of their joint initiative on the conclusion of the international arrangement on prevention of placing of the weapon in a space, is told in the document.
In particular, in the document also it is noticed that criminal sorties of the international terrorism in New York, Moscow, on island Bali and in other areas of the world testify that terrorism, separatism and extremism poses serious threat of safety of the sovereign states, to the world and stability on a global scale. Heads of Russia and China believe that in the decision of these problems cannot be double standards and to resist to terrorism it is necessary joint efforts of all states, informs the channel Russia .
the Parties have confirmed that terrorists and separatists of the Chechen Republic and East Turkestan are a component of the international terrorism, they should be condemned and should become object of joint struggle from all states of the world.