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E.Shevardnadze: Georgia is ready to give out Russia the Chechen insurgents

Today the president of Georgia Edward Shevardnadze has denied opinion that granting three Chechens of the right to appeal against in court against the decision of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Georgia ekstradirovat them to Russia ostensibly is an intended tightening of process of an extradition from Tbilisi informs BS PRESS.
Georgia will fairly execute the duties in front of Russia in connection with delivery of arrested persons in the Georgian territory of Chechens, Edward Shevardnadze at a briefing in State office has declared today. As he said, in extradition questions it is necessary to observe all - even formalities .
As already it was informed earlier, the Georgian frontier guards have detained 3 - on August, 5th thirteen Chechen insurgents who have broken border up in arms. On October, 4th Georgia has transferred Russia five Chechens. It has been during the investigation established that two arrested persons are natives of the Pankissky gorge and citizens of Georgia, therefore their delivery of Russia is impossible, and they will appear before the Georgian court.
on November, 29th the public prosecutor of Georgia Nugzar Gabrichidze has made the decision on an extradition to Russia of three Chechens - Gelagaeva, Alhanova and Elhadzhieva as in Tbilisi have considered as the sufficient basis the materials transferred by the Russian consequence. According to the law, ekstradiruemym have given the right to appeal against against this decision of the State Office of Public Prosecutor in regional, and then in the Supreme court of the country.