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Russia has refused to help Georgia on equal footing from the USA

Russia does not welcome creation cooperation triangles in a world policy, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov has declared. So he has commented on the offer and. An island of the president of Georgia of Nino Burjanadze to create a triangle of cooperation Georgia - the USA - Russia .
We do not welcome creation any triangles and axes and we support development of cooperation equal in rights - I.Ivanov has noted. He has underlined that Russia divides nobody on younger and seniors .
the Minister has continued that Russia is always open for meaningful dialogue, in which to it no intermediaries are necessary, and only political will " is necessary;. If at Georgia this will is present, we will solve our relations without everyones triangles and Squares - I.Ivanov has noted.
we will remind that the day before and. An island of the president of Georgia of Nino Burjanadze, acting at session of Ministerial council of foreign affairs of OSCE in Maastricht, has declared that Georgia is ready to refuse historical prejudices and to begin relations with Russia with zero. At the same time, in its opinion, the past last week in Moscow consultations of leaders of Adzharii, Abkhazia and South Ossetia undermine encouraging signals and can lead to a damage in relations with Russia. N.Burdzhanadze also has underlined that intends to achieve a conclusion from territory of Georgia of two Russian military bases remaining there.
N.Burdzhanadze`s statement for desire to be on friendly terms with Russia - is clear. As it is known, from Moscow, from its good will, supply of Tbilisi by the electric power and gas depends. It is necessary to Russia to stop deliveries, as all euphoria from coming to power democrats and overthrows dictatorships of Shevardnadze Will evaporate in some days and dark cold nights. To pay in full for deliveries of Tbilisi not in a condition - a debt inevitably grows. Also there are no hopes that in the foreseeable future Georgia will cover it.
we will notice that according to the new state minister of Georgia Zurab Zhvanija, financial conditions in the country are catastrophic as the budgeted deficit of Georgia for today makes 270 million chests (135 million dollars).
At the same time, the new Minister for Foreign Affairs of Georgia Tedo Dzhaparidze considers that Georgia should deepen even more strategic partnership from the USA in questions of fight against terrorism and safety strengthening, and also to normalise, and then to lift on new level of the relation with Russia which should be good-neighbourhood.