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V.Yanukovych has opposed separatism

the Prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has spoken against any separative movements in the country. He has informed on it during session of a round table on political crisis settlement in Ukraine with participation of the international intermediaries.
according to the head of the government, its trip to Severodonetsk, on congress of deputies of representative bodies from variety of areas of republic, has been devoted to constrain separative moods of people. I consider that to us always emotions need to be constrained. After they pass, vision of a problem and ways of its decision " begins; - V.Yanukovych has noted.
it is necessary to notice that the opposition has accused participants of congress of Severodonetsk in separative moods. The matter is that at this meeting the idea of creation of Jugo - East Ukrainian republic has been put forward. However later the representative of Donetsk area has explained that it was a question not of branch from Ukraine, and about creation of an autonomy as a part of the future Ukrainian federation.
on Wednesday deputies of Donetsk country council declared that the referendum on autonomy creation should take place in the beginning of January, 2005. It has been thus underlined that voting results do not become obligatory for execution.
it is obvious that the position of east areas was a little softened after a meeting with L.Kuchma and V.Yanukovych which has taken place next day after congress in Severodonetsk. The president of Ukraine then recognised that country split there have begun the western areas which actually liquidated the power of the centralised state in the territory. At the same time, he has urged the country east not to give in to similar moods.