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The NATO: Crisis in Ukraine - a democracy problem

Crisis in Ukraine is a democracy problem, instead of the conflict between the West and the East. With the similar statement the secretary general of NATO Jap de has acted as Hoop Sheffer the day before.
the Statement that crisis in Ukraine is conflict display between the East and the West, does not represent the facts - head of an alliance has noted, addressing to sessions 50 - j genassamblei the NATO. the problem consists in that the Ukrainian people had a right to democracy - has added JA de Hoop Sheffer.
it is important, that Ukraine had possibility of free elections, the secretary general of the NATO has noted, thus especially having underlined necessity of territorial integrity of the country.
the statement JA de Hoop Sheffer has made Sarajevo in capital of Bosnia, where it has arrived to discuss possibility of transfer of peace-making mission in the former Yugoslavian republic to forces of EU.
it is necessary to notice that the NATO watches closely a situation in Ukraine. In particular, some days ago J.De of Hoop Sheffer in conversation with Javier Solana has subjected to criticism the initiative of Donetsk area to hold a referendum about an autonomy and has called to territorial integrity of Ukraine . In its opinion to find the decision in the circumstances it is possible only under condition of unity of the nation.
it is necessary to notice that fact that last years Kiev actively co-operated with the NATO. In territory of Ukraine even doctrines of the North Atlantic alliance were spent, however speech about the introduction of this country into the NATO into short-term prospect did not go.