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V.Putin: the Russian Federation is ready to participate in situation settlement in Ukraine

Russia is ready to participate in situation settlement in Ukraine. Such statement was made by the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a today`s short meeting at airport Vnukovo - 2 with the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, transfers TV channel “ Russia “.
“ We are ready to participate in situation settlement in those frameworks as which you consider possible for us “ - the Russian leader has told, addressing to the Ukrainian colleague. The president of the Russian Federation has noted: “ Despite a sharpness, you managed to keep a situation from extreme displays “.
V.Putin also has told: “ We are very anxious by that is connected with a tendency of split of Ukraine, and we support your efforts directed on strengthening of integrity of the state “. “ We with alarm watch that occurs, and we express our support to that you do with a view of an overcoming the crisis “ - the president of the Russian Federation has declared.
“ whatever internal political storms stormed, we hope that all parties will remain within the limits of the legislation and the operating Constitution. It is necessary to break the Constitution - and the country will crack “ - the Russian president has underlined.
in turn L.Kuchma has noted: “ It would be surprising, if Russia stood apart “. “ Without use of efforts of Russia on an exit from political crisis its end will be impossible without loss of the person by Ukraine “ - the president of Ukraine has underlined.
at the same time L.Kuchma and V.Putin βϋcκΰηΰλθρό against revoting in the second round of presidential elections of Ukraine. “ I do not know in one country of such legal norm, as revoting “ - the president of Ukraine has underlined. L. Kuchma has told that “ the simple decision to spend revoting it is simple plebiscite “.
V.Putin, in turn, has noticed that also “ it is surprised to such offers “. “ It will give nothing. Revoting can be spent in the third, fourth, twenty fifth time while one of the parties will not receive the necessary results “ - the president of the Russian Federation has noted.
we will notice that the opinion of the USA on this question was stated today by George Bush, acting on a press - conferences in the Oval office of the White house. Repeated elections in Ukraine should pass without intervention from - for a boundary, the US president has declared. If in Ukraine a new election as that is demanded by many governmental leaders and opposition, they " is held; should be free from any foreign influence “ the J has told. Bush. At the same time the US president did not name any concrete state, according to AR.
the meeting of J on December, 1st has taken place. Bush from premieres - the minister of Canada the Floor Martin in which course leaders of two countries have called for the prompt and political crisis peaceful settlement in Ukraine. At the same time the Canadian prime minister has noticed that it opposes “ external intervention “ in process of elections in Ukraine, “ including Russian “.
In turn, the Ukrainian opposition demands till December, 19th to take repeated voting in the second round of presidential elections of Ukraine. Such requirement was sounded today by one of leaders “ jushchenkovtsev “ Nikolay Tomenko. “ Any day we should not give “ - he has declared.
Yulia Timoshenko, besides, has declared that the opposition does not intend to unblock a government building. As she said, the day before at signing of the statement with corresponding point “ it was necessary to ask opinion of the area that this point was legitimate “.
Meanwhile opposition between Victor Yushchenko and Victor Yanukovych`s supporters proceeds. Yesterday`s negotiations, despite visibility, (we will remind that candidates before television cameras have shaken each other hands) have not given real results. Despite the reached arrangement, oppositionists declare that will leave from - under walls of a building of the government only after cabinet resignation.
that the parties, as a matter of fact, so about what have not agreed, were confirmed also with the president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus participating in negotiations. As he said, at negotiations it has faced a hard line of the parties and did not hope for positive result. Everything that it was possible to reach - so it to agree about creation of a commission of experts which should develop offers on an overcoming the crisis, proceeding from the decision of the Supreme court of Ukraine which, predictably, the court will take out today, the Lithuanian leader has told.
Meanwhile in court the member of the Central election committee Ruslan Knjazevich, refused to sign the total report on presidential elections today has acted. In its speech the sympathy for the leader of opposition was obviously traced. The official has expressed opinion that after voting end at 21:00 Moscow time could be “ it is thrown “ more than one million bulletins thanks to which Victor Yanukovych has won. It has constructed the assumption “ on the basis of the analysis of the information on a voting course “. Thus he has told that the vote recount is already impossible, and therefore it is necessary either to spend re-elections, or to recognise as Victor Yushchenko`s winner.
now all attention of the public is chained to the Supreme court which, predictably, can at last - to put that an end in this dispute. However, hardly the judgement will calm excitements as whatever was the verdict, one of the parties will appear dissatisfied.