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V.Yanukovych`s command has legal proceedings with parliament

Group of the People`s Deputies supporting V.Yanukovych, today has directed to the Constitutional court representation with the request to check up on conformity to the Organic law accepted by parliament on December, 1st the decision about mistrust to the government. The representative of parliamentary fraction Sotsial has informed on it - democratic party (incorporated) Nestor Shufrich in interview to journalists.
Under representation it is collected about 60 signatures of People`s Deputies at necessary 45. N.Shufrich has noticed that the decision to send the government in resignation is illegal that also the Minister of Justice, as he said, has confirmed.
as he said, in March of this year the parliament has approved the program of activity of the government that granted to the cabinet the right to work year, without being afraid of resignation. Thus it has reminded that the law of a retroactive effect has no. Besides the order of consideration of the decision about expression of mistrust to the government has been broken, N.Shufrich has told.
we will remind, the day before the parliament has cancelled the decision on approval of the program of the government, then has expressed it mistrust.
and meanwhile the Ukrainian courts have received 1 thousand 697 complaints to infringements during presidential elections. Such data was presented today by the Supreme court of Ukraine. It has been thus noticed that the basic part of complaints is not considered yet. Now appeal courts consider 27 affairs. In particular, courts have cancelled action of reports on results of voting on elections on November, 21st of this year in 146 - m district of the Odessa area and in 100 - m district of the Kirovograd area.

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