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A.Sharon: Israel will not allow Iran to create the nuclear weapon

Presence at Iran the nuclear weapon unacceptably for Israel. Such statement was made by the Israeli prime minister - minister Ariel Sharon. He also has added that Israel undertakes all necessary measures in case Teheran all - taki becomes nuclear power, however has there and then confirmed the adherence to a diplomatic variant of the permission of a question on the nuclear program of Iran.
speaking about the possible power action against Iran in case of a failure of negotiations, A.Sharon has noticed that before acceptance of such decision the world community should take any other measures for a stop of nuclear activity of Teheran. According to the Israeli prime minister, actions undertaken by the current moment can quite lead to the positive permission of a problem, transfers Reuters.
the USA and EU undertake all efforts for a stop of the Iranian nuclear program. Washington accuses Iran of working out of the nuclear weapon under program cover peace atom also demands a stop of enrichment of uranium on the Iranian nuclear objects. At the same time, Teheran refuses to turn off the nuclear program, asserting that has the right to develop nuclear technologies for the peace purposes.
in turn, the Russian Federation has offered the compromise, according to which Iran it will be authorised to process uranium ore whereas process of enrichment of uranium will be carried out in territory of Russia under control of the Iranian experts.
however this compromise can appear under the threat from - for intentions of Iran to renew in the near future works on uranium enrichment. According to diplomatic sources, Iran is ready to start again process of enrichment of uranium on the nuclear object in Natantse, despite rigid statements of the international community.
the drawn conclusion has been made on the basis of the confidential report where the source in the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed on carrying out of session of the Iranian nuclear commission on which the introduction question in centrifuge action in Natantse was discussed. Thus the exact time of renewal of works on uranium enrichment in the report was not specified.
at the same time, the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA) at the given stage has decided to refrain from rigid steps - on November, 24th the agency has made decision to delay transfer so-called the Iranian file on consideration of the UN Security Council and to concentrate on the Russian compromise variant.