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The Ukrainian politicians threaten the NATO from Moscow

the Main problem of Ukraine is an adventure on retraction of Ukraine in the NATO. It was declared today in Moscow the leader of Progressive socialist party of Ukraine (PSPU) by Natalia Vitrenko.
According to leader PSPU, according to the constitution Ukraine is the country which has no right to enter any blocks. However, as considers N.Vitrenko, both were, and present presidents of Ukraine follow a policy of rapprochement about the NATO and EU.
according to N.Vitrenko, the modern Ukrainian authorities do everything that contrary to will of the people to enter Ukraine into the European community, and also the NATO and to tear off it from Russia and Belarus. retraction of Ukraine in the NATO is fraught with a shock as in political, economic, and in military sphere .
we Will remind that else yesterday Natalia Vitrenko`s party has spent a mass meeting in Kiev against the possible introduction of Ukraine into the NATO. Meeting has been dated for the summit Russia - Ukraine which has taken place yesterday in capital of Ukraine. On meeting in which some thousand persons have taken part, Natalia Vitrenko also has acted with atinatovkimi statements, having accused a present management of Ukraine of a westernized course.
we will remind that in the evening on November, 29th the Central election committee of Ukraine has registered initiative groups for carrying out of a referendum concerning the introduction of the country into the NATO. However according to one of articles of the North Atlantic contract, that country in which territory there are no military bases of the foreign state can enter the NATO only. As it is known, Russia took in long-term rent military - sea base in the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol. It means that Ukraine can enter the NATO only when Russia will refuse rent or will expire contract term.