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Russia has put Sou fighters to Venezuela - 30

To Venezuela delivery of first two Russian fighters of the Sou - 30 is carried out. On it have informed aviation services of Venezuela. Both planes have landed in airdrome of military base in Barcelona, in 230 km to the east from Caracas. In total Russia will put to Venezuela 24 fighters of the Sou - 30. The contract on purchase of the Russian planes has been concluded in June of this year
concern Fighters Dry will replace a growing old aircraft depot of American fighters F - 16. The USA refuse to deliver to Venezuela spare parts to these planes that creates complexities at their operation, transfers () Associated Press.
in October of this year it became known that Venezuela considers possibility to buy in Russia military - transport planes. It is connected by that the Spanish division EADS has refused sale to Caracas 12 transport planes.
Earlier Venezuela planned to buy from Spain 10 transport planes C295 and two patrol planes C2 - 195. The transaction Total sum into which entered as well other kinds of arms, made 2,2 mlrd dollars However pressure from the USA anxious by active arms of the Venezuelan army, has forced Madrid to refuse already signed contract.
as to the Russian arms besides helicopters and planes Venezuela has concluded the contract on delivery of 100 thousand automatic machines of Kalashnikov with Russia.