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J. negroponte: Iraq is more dangerous, than Vietnam

the Head of Service of national investigation of the USA John Negroponte considers military campaign in Iraq more dangerous, than in Vietnam. In its opinion, the main problem in Iraq is absence of the obvious opponent as it was in Vietnam.
Besides, marks J. negroponte which worked in embassy of the USA in Ho Chi Minh in 60 - h years of the last century, in Vietnam cities were safe .
In Iraq even in capital safety level is very low, Bagdad - one of the most dangerous areas in all country - has added J. negroponte, transfers () Associated Press.
the similar opinion was stated recently also by the former US State Secretary Henry Kissindzher. He considers that the USA cannot win a victory in war in Iraq. In its opinion, coalition armies should reconsider strategy of conducting military operation.
If to consider that the victory in military operation means creation of the Iraq government which can keep control of all country and stop civil war and mezhkonfessionalnuju rozn I do not think that it is possible - has noted G.Kissindzher on a press - conferences in London.
it is necessary to notice that the situation in Iraq really worsens every day. Insurgents continue to make attacks, expecting to commit breach of the peace between sunnitami and Shiits. According to the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan, the country is on the verge of civil war. Civil war becomes almost inevitable if the world community does not accept the urgent measures directed on cardinal change of a situation, K.Annan considers.
in connection with an aggravation of a situation the UN Security Council has prolonged the mandate of multinational forces in Iraq up to the end 2007. Thereby the Security Council has responded to the request of premieres - the minister of Iraq Nuri al - Maliki, by which words time is required to the Iraq government to execute the main task - completely to take up functions on safety and stability in the country.
now the foreign contingent in Iraq totals 160 thousand military men. The draught resolution about prolongation of term of their powers has been prepared the USA. According to the accepted document, the mandate will operate up to the end 2007., thus it can be reconsidered at the desire of the Iraq authorities.
Besides, much is expected from a meeting of US president George Bush with the leader of Shiit movement in Iraq by Abdul - Aziz al - Hakimom which is planned for December, 4th.