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B.Gryzlov named priorities “ an United Russia “

Boris Gryzlov has designated the primary goals “ an United Russia “ on immediate prospects. Acting at VII congress “ an United Russia “ in Ekaterinburg, its chairman has noticed that priority problems of party are savings of the Russian people, creation in Russia economy of innovative type, and also eradication of corruption and the general increase of efficiency of the state.
B.Gryzlov has underlined that “ an United Russia “ puts before itself a problem to receive the parliamentary majority and in the following State Duma.
“ it does not mean that we want to be monopolists - the parliamentary majority has provided acceptance of some the laws stimulating development of political parties, so, strengthening of political system “ - B.Gryzlov has noted.
According to the chairman of the party, the next 10 years it is necessary to spend full modernisation of the industry, having solved first of all a problem of deficiency of power capacities. Meanwhile, according to B.Gryzlov, “ the problem has two parties - subjective, that is a policy of a present management of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, for which own profit above power safety of the country, and objective “ consisting in limitation of possibilities of traditional technologies. Thereupon B.Gryzlov has underlined necessity of advancing development of new energy sources.
also B.Gryzlov has expressed opinion that the average salary in the Russian Federation in three years should reach level in 25 thousand rbl. As he said, shortly the State Duma will approve the bill “ About minimum wage rate increase “. “ In disputes with the government we have put a necessary resource for minimum wage rate doubling already in 2007γ. “ - B.Gryzlov has underlined. It has reminded that since September, 1st 2007γ. The minimum wage rate will be increased to 2000 rbl. a month. Besides, he has suggested to allow to subjects of the Russian Federation to establish independently the size of salaries in off-budget branches. “ in this case we will increase a collecting of taxes and we can increase the salary in budgetary branch “ - B.Gryzlov has added.
during congress “ an United Russia “ performances on a wide range of important questions are expected. In particular, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu has already expressed on one of them. He called up to the end 2006γ. To pass the law on selectivity of councillors of Federation. According to S.Shojgu, the given bill is in the State Duma some months. He has offered Duma “ to United Russia party members “ to pass this law at once in three readings, so that in March 2007γ. To select senators in public.
B.Gryzlov has supported idea of selectivity of councillors of Federation. As he said, the concept of national election of members of the upper chamber of the Russian parliament - correct. B.Gryzlov has underlined that fraction “ an United Russia “ in the State Duma of the Russian Federation will support stated on VII congress by Sergey Shojgu the offer to pass the law on selectivity of councillors of Federation. Meanwhile, B.Gryzlov has declared, to approve this bill at once in three readings hardly it will be possible, as it “ crude “.
we Will notice, since the morning the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has directed a greeting to delegates of congress of the All-Russia political party “ an United Russia “ informs a press - service of the Russian leader. In a greeting, in particular, it is told: “ For the years which have passed from the moment of creation, the party has saved up considerable personnel, organizational, creative potential, solid experience of practical work. It is important that positions of the most influential political force of the country you constantly aspire to support with real affairs, active participation in the decision of actual economic and social problems.
in the summons of your congress - a question, basic for any party, - program acceptance. I count that during the open and constructive discussion accurate, realistic reference points of strategy " will be set; an United Russia “ on prospect. And those initiatives and ideas which you offer, will serve consolidation of a society and will find broad support of citizens “.