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an United Russia has accepted the program of development of the country the next 10 years

an United Russia has accepted the program of development of the country the next 10 years. Such decision was accepted today at congress in Ekaterinburg. The program defines the purposes and party problems in sphere of a budgetary policy, economy, the government, public health services, formation.
an United Russia in particular, supports increase of incomes of the population, education modernisation, reforming of system of obligatory medical insurance, legislative fastening of the state guarantees of rendering of medical aid to the population.
Besides, the party considers necessary formation and carrying out of a national industrial policy which means support of competitiveness of domestic hi-tech production on internal and the international markets.
for industry development in the Russian Federation an United Russia Insists on removal mineralno - raw, infrastructural and labour resource restrictions in branch, and also on perfection of a tariff policy. The party considers possible to make the decision on allocation of budgetary funds on an investment component of tariffs of natural monopolies. It not only will reduce growth of tariffs, but also will brake inflationary processes and will increase a state share in these companies.
also an United Russia offers to concentrate control over strategic questions of a budgetary policy in hands of the president of the Russian Federation and a legislative branch of the power, having withdrawn them from bureaucracy hands it is marked in a policy statement. Thus the executive power role needs to be reduced gradually to measures of tactical character .
we Will notice, since the morning the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has directed a greeting to delegates of congress of the All-Russia political party an United Russia Informs a press - service of the Russian leader. In a greeting, in particular, it is told: For the years which have passed from the moment of creation, the party has saved up considerable personnel, organizational, creative potential, solid experience of practical work. It is important that positions of the most influential political force of the country you constantly aspire to support with real affairs, active participation in the decision of actual economic and social problems.
in the summons of your congress - a question, basic for any party, - program acceptance. I count that during the open and constructive discussion accurate, realistic reference points of strategy " will be set; an United Russia on prospect. And those initiatives and ideas which you offer, will serve consolidation of a society and will find broad support of citizens .