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Poland is disturbed by cooperation of Russia and Germany

the President of Poland Lech Kaczynski has expressed concern political cooperation between Germany and Russia and has urged Berlin to select more critical approach in relations with Moscow, transfers () Associated Press.
in one of L.Kachinsky`s interview has told about growing concern of the government of Poland in that close Russian - the German partnership can leave as a result Warsaw behind a board of important political and economic agreements.
in particular, the Polish authorities are extremely dissatisfied with the decision of Russia and Germany to lay Severo - the European gas pipeline (Nord Stream) on a bottom of Baltic sea bypassing Poland. I cannot believe that German politicians do not see a difference between such countries, as France, Germany and Poland, - on the one hand and today`s Russia - with another - has declared L.Kachinsky.
the Polish leader has mentioned murder of journalist Anna Politkovsky and death eks - the officer of FSB of the Russian Federation Alexander Litvinenko. In Poland, at least during the last years, any representative of opposition has not lost life - has noted L.Kachinsky.
we Will notice that lately relations between Moscow and Warsaw have become aggravated. So, on the eve of last summit Russia - EU in Finland Poland has put a veto for negotiations about the conclusion of the new agreement between EU and Russia. From - for it at the summit it was not discussed new Russian - the European frame agreement.
trading dispute with Moscow round deliveries of the Polish meat in the Russian Federation became the reason of such position of Warsaw. Poland insists on necessity of removal of an interdiction for import of the agricultural products to the Russian Federation which, according to the Russian supervising bodies, does not correspond to the sanitary code.
crisis Display in Russian - the Polish relations refusal of a management of Poland on the summit Russia - EU began to go also.