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In Russia pass elections of deputies of the State Duma

In Russia today choose deputies of the State Duma of Federal meeting of the Russian Federation of the fifth convocation. The first polling districts have opened at 8:00 local time (23:00 Moscow time Saturdays, on December, 1st) on Chukotka and Kamchatka. With each hour new regions joined elections. Last polling districts have opened at 09:00 Moscow time in the Kaliningrad region where voting at 21:00 Moscow time will come to the end.
Choose 450 deputies of the State Duma a little more than 107 million voters, including over 1,5 million our compatriots abroad. For voting carrying out it is organised an order of 96 thousand polling districts.
11 political parties apply for places in the Russian parliament. In bulletins for voting are included: Country party of Russia Civil Force Democratic party, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Union of Right Forces, social justice Party, LDPR, Fair Russia Patriots of Russia an United Russia the Apple .
18 political parties and 5 selective blocks took part In last elections in the State Duma.
supervise a course of voting and counting of votes, according to the Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation, to 3 million Russian observers. Besides, on elections work about 330 international observers - representatives of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, Parliamentary assembly of the Organization on safety and cooperation in Europe, Inter-parliamentary assembly of Commonwealth of the independent states (CIS), executive committee of the CIS, the Shanghai organisation of cooperation (SHOS), Northern council employees of selective bodies more than 20 countries.
elections in the State Duma pass on proportional system: voting by one-mandatory districts all 450 deputies is cancelled are selected under party lists. The parties which have overcome 7 will get to the Russian parliament - a percentage barrier. Thus, according to the legislation, in the State Duma should pass not less than two parties. In total the parties which have overcome 7 - a percentage barrier, should type not less than 60 % of votes. If only one party breaks the established barrier automatically in parliament the following party taking the second place by quantity of voters, voted for it is supposed.
elections can be considered not taken place if any party does not receive 7 and more percent of votes of voters or if all political associations take in aggregate 60 and less percent of votes of Russians. According to the current legislation, results of elections will be recognised by void and in case the infringements admitted at their carrying out, will not allow to define results of voting authentically.
Elections will be recognised by not taken place if voting results on the polling districts which lists of voters totally make not less than 25 % from an aggregate number of the voters included in lists as a whole on the country are cancelled. If elections of deputies of the State Duma are recognised by not taken place or void, the Central Electoral Committee appoints repeated elections which are spent not later than in four months from the date of a recognition of elections not taken place or void.
today`s elections in the State Duma - the first after coming into force of positions of the law on the elections cancelling the minimum threshold of an appearance of voters and excluding the column against all in the bulletin.
the central election committee (Central Electoral Committee) of the Russian Federation will start to publish through mass-media and on the Internet preliminary results of voting by a measure of their receipt in GAS Elections from the territorial commissions hourly, since 21:00 Moscow time on December, 2nd 2007. After voting end in the most western territory of the Russian Federation - the Kaliningrad region. To publish adjusted totals of elections in the State Duma of the fifth convocation of the Central Electoral Committee plans not later than December, 17th.