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In Moscow the appearance of voters has exceeded 50 percent

In Moscow and the Moscow region work of polling districts has come to the end. By data at 19:00 Moscow time, in capital 50,04 % have voted. In Moscow Region at 17:00 49,36 % of voters Moscow time have voted.
in capital worked as 3 thousand 278 sites, in Moscow Region - 3 thousand 325 polling districts. According to election committees of Moscow and the Moscow suburbs, any gross infringements and remarks during elections it has not been fixed.
as Natalia Zemskova has informed the vice-president of election committee of Moscow Region, complaints from voters in Moscow suburbs did not arrive. Some remarks on conducting elections from observers from political parties have arrived. Besides, in first half of day there was an accident in Podolsk. On polling district the elderly woman has died of a stroke. Other details of incident are not informed.
from 3 thousand 278 polling districts in Moscow of 3 thousand 60 have been organised in a residence of voters, 218 - in places of their time stay (stations and the airports). On everyone 50 persons worked nearby. This number included members of election committees, medical workers, employees of protection, fire supervision, trade.
at an input on polling districts employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow were on duty. On a case of unforeseen situations reserve places where in case of emergency it would be possible to transfer polling district have been provided and to continue voting.
for voters without registration in the Russian Federation the polling district by the Central telegraph has been opened. On this site the people having the Russian citizenship, living outside of the Russian Federation and not having registration in Russia voted.
a number of polling districts has been opened in buildings of the airports and stations. Passengers and employees of the airports of the Sheremetyevo and the Domodedovo having otkrepitelnye the certificates, could vote in buildings of the airports. Passengers in Vnukovo had possibility to vote in settlement Vnukovo which is located in 7 minutes of walking from an airport building. Sites have been opened on 7 of 9 Moscow stations. In the presence of the passport and otkrepitelnogo certificates on these sites could vote the voters who are en route. There were no polling districts only at Savelovsky and Riga stations.
on 950 polling districts in Moscow modern electronic urns for voting have been established. On a board of such urns the total being in bulletins that allows not to conduct manually counting of votes is constantly highlighted. Such devices allow in 5 minutes after the voting termination to unpack results.
safety of a public order on polling districts in Moscow provided about 20,5 thousand The person. In Moscow Region have been involved more than 12 thousand employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow suburbs.