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M.Saakashvili have accused of capture of TV channels Rustavi 2 and Mze

the Georgian businessman Kibar Halvashi demands from the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Georgia to begin investigation upon illegal grasped TV channels Rustavi 2 and Mze .
He also demands to make for it responsible the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili and on a number of other high-ranking officials, informs a press - opposition party service Movement for uniform Georgia .
the Businessman has directed the reference to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Georgia and parliament with the request to study the facts of capture of broadcasting companies and to make investigation - it is told in the party statement.
now K.Halvashi, the close friend of the former Minister of Defence of Georgia Iraklija Okruashvili, is in territory of Germany and the refuge asks the authorities of Germany to grant it political.
in Georgia in the relation To. Halvashi criminal case to a number of the corruption transactions concluded with the Ministry of Defence of Georgia during the period when this department was headed by I.Okruashvili is brought.
K.Halvashi owning of 100 % of shares of company Rustavi 2 in January 2006. Has got 78 % of actions of a broadcasting company Mze at the enterprise for manufacture of building materials Saktsementi the same year he has sold shares of company Dzheotrans LLC .
it is necessary to remind that I.Okruashvili also is be in hiding from the Georgian justice. After I.Okruashvili`s resignation has left in opposition and has created party For uniform Georgia . In the end of September 2007. It has openly acted with charges to M.Saakashvili and its nearest environment. Soon I.Okruashvili has been detained on suspicion in money-laundering, bribery, an office negligence and other crimes.
Under the petition of the State Office of Public Prosecutor court of Tbilisi in November 2007. Has released I.Okruashvili on the security in 10 million chests (about 6,25 million dollars). On November, 16th 2007. The court has sentenced I.Okruashvili to two months of imprisonment before trail. After time clearing eks - the minister, having obtained the permit of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, has left to Germany on treatment. From - for absences in court law enforcement bodies have put I.Okruashvili on the international wanted list in the area of the Interpol.
he has been arrested in Berlin in the end of November 2007., ekstradirovan to France as the embassy of France has given out it the Schengen visa. In April of this year Paris has given I.Okruashvili a political asylum.