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V.Jushchenko: Party Our Ukraine it is half bought BJUT

Our Ukraine it is half bought by Yulia Timoshenko Block (BJUT) on certain motives . It was the day before declared by the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko. He has specified that it is a question of portfolios, transfers - Ukraine .
the Head of the state has underlined that that has occurred to a coalition is, actually, Georgia - 2 . As he said, there was a plan to attach to a coalition Party of Regions and Communist party and to develop a country course on 180 degrees . But there is one problem: the post of premieres - the minister does not share. And to divide this post, elections " are necessary; - V.Jushchenko has told.
Concerning a nominee on a post of the chairman of the Supreme Rada, V.Jushchenko has noticed that it should be from Our Ukraine . Who will be the speaker is a question which concerns exclusively the parliament competence. Anybody a finger will not specify - the head of the state has told. we recognise that this nominee should be from Our Ukraine - he has added.
at the same time V.Jushchenko has declared that, being the leader of one political force, does not want to be responsible for that does not belong to actions of its party . the Main task - to generate today, in particular in parliament, good will of those political forces which could generate the majority which could be more than 226 voices which could make decisions necessary for the country and bills - the head of the state has told.
speaking about elections, V.Jushchenko has underlined that it as norm of the Constitution. the constitution speaks - in the country the parliament should operate. If the operating parliament is not present, the Constitution " starts to operate; - the president has noted. V.Jushchenko has added that it is not necessary to be afraid of elections, as it also a democratic payment . I would advise to the nation and society not to look so tragically on events, we have enough democratic levers to leave this crisis - the head of the state has summed up.
we will remind that Supreme Rada work has been paralysed from - for resignations of its chairman Arseny Jatsenjuka for which deputies have voted on November, 12th of this year In the joint statement of members of parliament was said that A.Jatsenjuk is withdrawn in connection with numerous and rough infringements of regulations .
After a block exit Our Ukraine - National self-defence from a coalition with BJUT the president has signed on October, 9th the decree about the preschedule termination of powers of parliament and appointment of extraordinary elections to December, 7th 2008. BJUT through courts has started to block preparation for elections. As a result of V.Jushchenko on October, 20th has suspended this document.