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The USA prepare for new Caucasian war

Working president George Bush has disposed to insure trading vessels of the United States in Black sea from military risks till March, 2009. In the White house recognise that the order is connected with events in Georgia where the merchant marine fleet of the USA delivers the weapon and military technology.
experts assume that Americans prepare for a sequel of the Caucasian war which will give an occasion to acceptance of Georgia and Ukraine in the NATO, the newspaper - daily writes.
the Order, dated on November, 25th, is published on a site of the White house. George Bush charges to the minister of transport to allocate from special state fund of means for insurance of trading courts of the USA (including a command and cargo) from military risks, flooding and damage to Black sea. To do it it is offered Every time when to the minister of transport after consultation of the state secretary will seem that the insurance adequate to requirements of water trade of the United States, cannot be received on reasonable conditions and terms from the companies .
the Edition notices that the USA insure the vessels not at coast Somalias and in three months after war in Georgia. Thus experts are disturbed by variety of coincidence. Disturbing expectations are warmed up by the order of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine about a re-deployment of armies from the western borders to borders of Russia and preparation of the agreement of Ukraine from the NATO about transit of armies of an alliance on its territory.
in this connection observers wait for surprises from joint a press - conferences of the secretary general of NATO Jaapa de Hoop Sheffera with presidents of Georgia and Ukraine planned on Wednesday. In the Kremlin hope that Old Europe will constrain a heat of the USA. One of critical errors of the Russian elite consists in belief that contradictions between Germany, France, probably, Italy and the USA have character of antagonism, - the professor - the researcher of Delaversky university Sergey Lopatnikov believes. - the Same error Russia before the beginning of the Crimean war when has convinced itself of antagonism of Britain, has made France and Avstro - Hungary .
In the corridors of power assume that this time a sequel of the Caucasian war it will be far not the five-day.
insurance of the USA upon military risks means a situation aggravation in Black Sea Coast, - the expert on foreign policy summarises the FEAST - the centre Dmitry Evstafev. - On a joint of winter and spring Michael Saakashvili can try to rescue the career and to start new war. This time States do not remain indifferent .