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Relations of the Russian Federation and the USA will improve at the new state secretary

the Chairman of committee of the Federation Council on the international affairs Michael Margelov believes that at the new US State Secretary Russian - the American relations, most likely, will improve.
during pre-election struggle in the USA we discussed a question who is better for Russia - Obama or McCain, that is the president the democrat or the republican. Also it is lawful statement of a question as at the American democrats and republicans of distinction in approaches to foreign policy is.
now we argue, whether appointment as US State Secretary Hillari Clinton is good for Russia and we search for distinctions in foreign policy positions of two democrats (the president and the state secretary), being based on pre-election statements of the former contenders - the Russian senator has told.
he has assumed that now their points of view will reconcile, most likely, in advantage H.Clinton. The new state secretary in the sphere is more professional than the president. Besides, to it is with whom to consult - it Bill Clinton wife. I share opinion of experts which expect from it in relations with Russia of an emphasis on universal values - the human rights, independent court, democratic procedures and institutes - M.Margelov considers. However, as he said, the new state secretary should rake weight of other problems left republicans: both Iraq, and Iran, both Afghanistan, and terrorism, and NATO expansion.
according to the senator, anyway H.Clinton will follow interests of America, and at these interests deep historical continuity. Therefore it is not necessary to approach to the future diplomacy of the USA with estimations - it will be better or worse for Russia, it is necessary to prepare soberly, M.Margelov has underlined. Simple our relations will not be, though, most likely, they will improve. As the basis for such assumption statement H serves. Clinton, made immediately after appointment: America cannot solve the problems without other world, and the world cannot solve them without America . It can mean softening of unipolar claims of the USA on the decision of global problems aside bolshej the international collective nature - the senator has concluded.