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J.Timoshenko`s block is ready to a coalition with Party of Regions

Yulia Timoshenko Block (BJUT) is ready to coalition creation in the Supreme Rada of Ukraine with Party of Regions (PR), headed by Victor Yanukovych. On it to journalists in a parliament lobby was informed by the People`s Deputy from fraction BJUT Valery Pisarenko, transfers - Ukraine.
we propose marriage for all political forces, but the main thing for us is 300 voices of deputies which can begin essential reforms in the country. For anybody is not a secret that BJUT offers both Party of Regions, and to other political forces to make one coalition. BJUT it is ready to a coalition, including with PR - has noted V.Pisarenko. He also has underlined that the coalition in parliament will be created till December, 4th.
earlier today the vice-president of fraction BJUT Andrey Kozhemjakin has declared that the party is ready to coalition creation within the next few days. He has informed that this decision was accepted during fraction session on December, 1st. Also the vice-president of fraction has informed that at session the question of possible reformatting of the cabinet in case of coalition creation was not discussed. give at first its (coalition) we will create, and we will solve already then technical questions - he has told. A.Kozhemjakin also has added that BJUT did not discuss a possible nominee of the speaker. it is not necessary for us, because we have the representative in Supreme Rada presidium - the Party member has underlined.
according to Vladimir Litvina, the leader of the block with the same name, coalition creation between BJUT and PR will mean political revolution in the country and corporate raid continuation. He considers that possible creation of a coalition between BJUT and PR will be to have exclusively economic underlying reason . Similar attempt already was in September of this year. When all about it have exorcised, then they have for a certain time postponed realisation of this idea. At the moment to it have returned again. I consider that it will be necessary to look very steadfastly that will be necessary in a basis of such activity. But uniform prospect for the country, clearly, it will not give - has noted V.Litvin.
In turn the People`s Deputy from PR Valery Konovaljuk does not exclude that, in case of creation of coalition BJUT and PR, Victor Yanukovych becomes the chairman of the Supreme Rada.
we will remind, on November, 29th of this year one of party leaders the National union Our Ukraine (NSNU) Vyacheslav Kirilenko has declared that the party does not see possibility of renewal of a coalition with key parliamentary political forces (BJUT, Party of Regions and KPU). We can co-operate only as equals and only with those forces which support or, at least, understand our ideological principles. Unfortunately, today such understanding we do not see among key parliamentary players - he has told.
on November, 26th of this year The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko called the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko over the weekend to restore in parliament a democratic coalition. She also insists on Bloka Litvina joining to coalition BJUT and Our Ukraine - National self-defence (WELL - NANOSECOND). As she said, fraction BJUT is ready to support Vladimir Litvina`s nominee on a post of the speaker and to sign all corresponding agreements.
the block WELL - NANOSECOND which is a part of party NSNU, left structure of a democratic coalition in September of this year after BJUT and Party of Regions have together accepted a number of bills which limit the rights of the president.