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B.Obama`s foreign policy will be Already based on diplomacy

in the end of January of next year by the United States the new president will supervise. However already now, for one and a half month before the inauguration, Barack Obama promises to reverse foreign policy of the country which, in its opinion, should be based on diplomacy, multilateral cooperation and partnership, transfers Reuters.
Analysts notice that the external course of the black president will differ radically from George Bush`s policy which accepted the majority of decisions unilaterally.
destiny of our country inseparably linked with destinies of the world - B.Obama in the beginning of this week has declared. - to us only new strategy in which our military men, diplomats and economists " will co-operate in the best way can bring success;. Thus the director for foreign policy Brookings Institution Carlos Paskual considers that Barack Obama`s reference has been filled by the latent reproaches to J. Bush. Besides, according to the expert, the newly elected president has set the fashion in this performance to the future foreign policy which will be based on partnership and cooperation.
K.Paskual also notices that at the USA now such quantity of foreign policy problems what to cope with them unilaterally it is simply impossible. Any country of the world not in a condition alone to cope with such quantity of problems - the expert assures. It is difficult to disagree with this statement: besides military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American president should solve and other problems. It and nuclear programs of Iran and the North Korea, and arabo - the Israeli relations, and cooling of relations with Russia which all declares itself on international scene more actively.
However, some analysts notice that B.Obama`s performance did not contain any details of the future foreign policy of the country. As they said, it is not clear yet, how the newly elected president intends to solve problems of Iran and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea which actively increase the nuclear potential. The position of the USA in the relation palestino - the Israeli settlement is not clear also.
while it is known that in a case with Iran Barack Obama tends to direct arrangements. The further development of relations between Washington and Teheran can depend on creation in Islamic republic points of interests experts speak. However it is impossible to forget that similar a point can become precedent of the American diplomatic presence at Iran for the first time for many years.
the only thing that while causes bewilderment of experts, - the future administration of the USA. The selected president has stopped the choice exclusively on the veterans of a policy possessing so lacking B.Obama experience and knowledge. friction are inevitable - the representative of the Center of strategic and international researches Stephen Flennagan speaks. However B.Obama says that wants to surround itself with people who have own opinion. I have collected this command because I trust in strong personalities and firm opinions. I consider, what exactly the best decisions " so are made; - he has declared.
the Russian experts and politicians, in turn, are happy with the future administration. For example, the chairman of committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on the international affairs Michael Margelov believes that at the new US State Secretary Russian - the American relations, most likely, will improve. during pre-election struggle in the USA we discussed a question who is better for Russia: Obama or McCain, that is the president - the democrat or the republican. Also it is lawful statement of a question as at the American democrats and republicans of distinction in approaches to foreign policy is. Now we argue, whether appointment as US State Secretary Hillari Clinton is good for Russia, and we search for distinctions in foreign policy positions of two democrats (the president and the state secretary), being based on pre-election statements of the former contenders - the Russian senator has told.
he has assumed that now their points of view will reconcile, most likely, in advantage H.Clinton. the new state secretary in the sphere is more professional than the president. Besides, to it is with whom to consult: it Bill Clinton wife. I share opinion of experts which expect from it in relations with Russia of an emphasis on universal values: the human rights, independent court, democratic procedures and institutes - M.Margelov considers.