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K.Kosachev: Ukraine and Georgia are not necessary to the NATO

the Head of committee of the State Duma of the international affairs Konstantin Kosachev considers that Ukraine and Georgia neither now, nor in the foreseeable future will not enter the NATO. It has expressed such opinion, making comments on a forthcoming meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of NATO member states in Bruxelles.
to the overwhelming majority of members of an alliance Ukraine, Georgia in the NATO neither now, nor in the foreseeable future are not necessary - K.Kosachev has told. He has noticed that refusal of granting of the Plan of action on membership (PDCH) in an alliance to Ukraine and Georgia is already obvious.
according to the deputy, at the NATO a large quantity of serious problems: both Afghanistan, and Congo, both Darfur, and Iraq. He is assured that members of an alliance will not want to hang up on itself jarmo . To. Kosachev also has added that politicians in the USA, in Ukraine and in Georgia will continue to pretend that refusal of the introduction into an alliance for two former Soviet republics will change nothing.
the similar point of view was stated in conversation with the chairman of committee of the Federation Council on the international affairs by Michael Margelov. In particular, the senator believes that the NATO management, most likely, will not go on reception to an alliance of new members without granting PDCH.
Excessive any expansion of alliances is accompanied usually by decrease in their efficiency. We will tell, speed of decision-making in the European Union now much more low, than before reception new, the members hastily prepared for it. And the NATO, what now told about it in Washington, all - taki the military block, in it presence of the countries politically stable, without territorial and other problems " is desirable; - M.Margelov considers.
Therefore Ukraine and Georgia cannot receive PDCH, They unreliable recruits he has underlined. about today`s Georgia at its present management even there is nothing to tell. As to Ukraine its public is split concerning membership in an alliance, it is split even territorially, and the majority opposes this membership. Therefore annoying for the president of Ukraine and its environment refusal in PDCH even will improve a political situation in this country - the senator considers.
we will remind that one of these days the head of US State department Condoleeza Rice who has already arrived to Bruxelles, has declared that Washington at this meeting will not insist on fast granting of Tbilisi and to Kiev PDCH.
Moscow has reacted to this news with optimism. I am satisfied by that the common sense has got the best - the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has noted. It also has expressed opinion that has no value what were the reasons: pressure of Europe or something else. It is important that Washington any more does not show insensibility and cruelty .
Before the NATO already refused to Georgia and Ukraine granting PDCH. We will remind, in April 2008. Two members of an alliance - France and Germany - have expressed not advantage of Kiev and Tbilisi as in Ukraine against the introduction into the NATO the majority of the population acts, and Georgia has not solved the territorial conflicts.