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The NATO: Renewal of dialogue with Russia will be gradual

the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has agreed on gradual renewal of dialogue with Russia. The secretary general of military block Jaap has informed on it de on Tuesday after session of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the countries of the NATO Hoop Sheffer.
the Countries - allies have agreed about conditional and gradual renewal of contacts to Russia. So I would define a result of negotiations - the secretary general of the NATO has told to journalists, transfers Reuters. He has added that meetings of Council Russia - the NATO will be renewed on an informal basis.
work of Council Russia - the NATO, the main forum in which frameworks took place dialogue between the Russian Federation and the North Atlantic alliance, has been frozen in August 2008. After war in South Ossetia. The alliance then has condemned actions of Russia as disproportionate also has made decision to suspend political dialogue with Moscow. Hardly later Russia declared turning of military cooperation with the NATO.
meanwhile the situation round Georgia and Ukraine which, as it is known, continue to insist on the prompt joining to an alliance became one of the main themes of negotiations at the summit which has passed in Bruxelles of the NATO. The NATO management was limited only to general phrases that when - nibud Kiev and Tbilisi will necessarily be a part of the military block, however any concrete terms has not been named. And speeches giving the Plan of action on membership (PDCH) in the NATO to two former Soviet republics, did not go at all.
earlier today the Russian politicians actively expressed on a theme of what to expect to Ukraine, Georgia and Russia from a present meeting in Bruxelles. For example, the chairman of committee of the Federation Council on the international affairs Michael Margelov in conversation with has declared that the NATO management, most likely, will not go on reception to an alliance of new members without granting PDCH. Certainly, the NATO will search for ways of familiarising of two former Soviet union republics to the usages: they are painfully delicious geopoliticheski. But reception in an alliance of recruits without uchebki that is PDCH, not so pure, under the organisation charter, operation, and on it the NATO management hardly will go - the senator considers.
Concerning mutual relations between the NATO and Russia, M.Margelov has noticed that the alliance wishes to restore them. Madeleine Olbrajt has told recently in conversation with president Dmitry Medvedev that the NATO now other organisation not such, as in days of cold war., Of course, it would be possible to agree with it entirely, but draught of an alliance for expansion on the east, under Belgorod and the North Caucasus confuses. Not Russia has broken off relations from the NATO that is why now it has a possibility to lay down the conditions of renewal of cooperation - the senator has concluded.
In turn the head of committee of the State Duma of the international affairs Konstantin Kosachev considers that Ukraine and Georgia neither now, nor in the foreseeable future will not enter the NATO. to the overwhelming majority of members of an alliance Ukraine, Georgia in the NATO neither now, nor in the foreseeable future are not necessary - K.Kosachev has told. According to the deputy, at the NATO a large quantity of serious problems: both Afghanistan, and Congo, both Darfur, and Iraq. He is assured that members of an alliance will not want to hang up on itself jarmo . K.Kosachev also has added that politicians in the USA, in Ukraine and in Georgia will continue to pretend that refusal of the introduction into an alliance for two former Soviet republics will change nothing.