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To M.Ahmadinezhad the President of Iran to Mahmud Ahmadinezhad has subjected the Russian Federation to sharp criticism for IAEA support

has subjected Russia to the criticism that Moscow has supported the resolution accepted by the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA) concerning Iran.
as he said, at Russia there is no accurate representation about a today`s situation in the world informs Reuters.
He also has declared that to Russia and other countries in which number Poland, Germany, France and Great Britain, will not be possible to force to refuse Iran the nuclear program, and has excluded possibility of the further military operations concerning Islamic republic.
any finger, trying to press a cock, it will be cut off - the Iranian leader has declared, having noticed that cautions of IAEA concerning the possible termination of cooperation of some western countries with Teheran look ridiculously .
Russia and China have voted for acceptance of the resolution condemning Teheran for building of the second factory on enrichment of uranium near of a city the Godfather, on November, 27th 2009. At session of Board of governors of IAEA in Vienna.
the day before the Iranian government has approved building of 10 new factories on uranium enrichment. In Teheran consider that is necessary to leave on level of enrichment of uranium in 20 % and to make 250 - 300 t nuclear fuel in a year.
now in Iran the unique factory on uranium enrichment - a nuclear complex in Netenze functions.