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B.Obama has designated 3 basic directions of strategy of the USA in Afghanistan

US president Barack Obama during performance in military academy of the USA Vest - the Point has designated three basic directions of new strategy of Washington in Afghanistan.
according to the American leader, the major problems is destruction Al - Kajedy cooperation with the United Nations, the international partners and the people of Afghanistan, and also closer partnership with Pakistan.
the special attention of the USA plans to give situations on border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan should become our high-grade ally in struggle against extremism - the US president has underlined.
according to B.Obama, new strategy of military operations is directed on easing of a mode of Talibs and increase of defensive capacity of Afghanistan within the next 18 months. To intercept the initiative at Talibs, according to B.Obama, the increase in number of the American armies at 30 thousand should help The soldier.
the marines will arrive to Afghanistan already by Christmas, and sending of other part of armies will come to the end in the summer 2010. Sending of additional 30 thousand American soldiers Afghanistan, according to the American president, will cost to the government of the USA nearby 30 mlrd dollars
We will co-operate not only from the United Nations, but also with the Afghani people that the government of Afghanistan could use as much as possible effectively advantages of a situation in safety sphere - B.Obama has declared.
we will remind, now in Afghanistan serve about 70 thousand American soldiers. The aggregate number of foreign forces in the country exceeds 100 thousand persons.