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Open Company the Trading house (the organizer of the auctions - Tula, street Torhovsky journey, d. 6, of. 10) holds the auctions in the form of auction (opened on structure of participants and opened under the form of giving of offers on the price) on property sale Open Company Gumus ( the Prize 1 ) - the ground areas a total area of 155 991 sq. m (cadastral 71:24:000000:42) and 10 290 sq. m (cadastral 71:24:030222:17). Acquaintance with property, reception of data on it, its structure, characteristics and the description is carried out during term of demands acceptance at the organizer of the auctions.

the initial price of sale Lota 1 makes 34 734 678 rbl. an auction Step makes 1 736 733, 90 rbl.

Carrying out of auction and summarising of the auctions will take place 30. 04. 2012 at 11:00 on an electronic trading platform the Russian auction house to the address in a network the Internet www. lot - online. ru.

Demands acceptance, acquaintance with order of registration of participation in the auctions, order of representation of demands, the list of given documents, requirements to their registration, and purchase and sale is carried out by contract draughts on the deposit from 10:00 26. 03. 2012 till 12:00 27. 04. 2012 to the address in a network the Internet www. lot - online. ru. The Application form for participation in the auctions should correspond to requirements of the Federal law About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) and to an order of sale of property of Open Company Gumus .

the Size of the deposit for participation in the auctions on Lota 1 makes 3 473 467,80 rbl. the Deposit is brought during demands acceptance term on requisites: Open Company the Trading house an INN 7128029119, a check point 712801001, r/ sch 40702810300000002575 in Open Society Bank the Tula industrialist Tula, BIK 047003729, to/ sch 30101810700000000729. Property payment is carried out on Open Company settlement account Gumus in Branch Tula KB Open Company Aresbank Tula.

the winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the greatest price admits.

results of the auctions are brought on an electronic platform the Russian auction house as it should be and the terms provided by the Order of Ministry of economic development and trade 54 from 15. 02. 2011 the purchase and sale Contract subscribes within 10 days from the date of signing of the report on results of the auctions. Property payment is made not later than 30 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale.